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Eritrean Community Center

Seattle, WA

Buchanan demolished an existing 2-story structure with a basement, then built a 2-story-with-basement addition to a community center. The addition contains a kitchen, lounge, stage backroom, restrooms, storage rooms, office, computer lab, conference room, and classrooms.

Challenges included unforeseen unsuitable soil under the structure's footprint requiring over excavation and new structural fill material. The lack of storage space on the site necessitated extensive planning and coordination of materials delivery and staging, crane location, waste collection and removal, and parking. The community center was built next to an existing occupied facility, in an active mixed-use neighborhood. Consequently, Buchanan initiated a foot traffic safety plan and a community outreach strategy. We notified residents of upcoming street and sidewalk closures through meetings and advisories, we cleaned the bordering streets and sidewalks daily, and we developed a worker commuting and parking plan to minimize impact to the surrounding area.