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Fircrest, Villa Kathleen & Evergreen Manor
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Fircrest, Villa Kathleen, & Evergreen Manor Apartments

Mt. Vernon, Burlington & Concrete, WA

This was a major rehabilitation of 84 multifamily affordable housing units in 10 buildings on 3 sites. Each of the buildings had a contractual 30-day tenant move-back schedule, with cost impacts dictated by Rural Development for tenant rental assistance in the case of delays. The 2014 US Government shutdown delayed the start of the project by 3 months, resulting in significant scheduling revisions, a need for material storage, and additional subcontractor and vendor coordination. Buchanan met and often exceeded the turnaround times. We assisted with the on-site organization of storage pods, and the packing and unpacking of tenant belongings including disassembling and reassembling of furniture.

Interior work called for all new finishes including updated cabinets, flooring, appliances, and plumbing and electrical fixtures. We replaced the plumbing fixtures with low flow products, and installed energy efficient electrical fixtures. Exterior work consisted of new roofing and new siding at all of the sites, new exterior doors and windows as needed, and major sitework to sidewalks and parking areas for ADA compliance.

This was an Evergreen Sustainable Development Standards project with Housing Trust Fund oversight.