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The Urban Rest Stop

Seattle, WA

The Urban Rest Stop serves approximately 1,600 individuals per month with most making repeat visits; over 100,000 showers, and 40,000 loads of laundry, and is the first public sanitary services provider in downtown Seattle. The facility's site was highly controversial and took years to authorize. The in-the-public-eye nature of the Urban Rest Stop played a large role in the management of the project, as it is a regular destination for the homeless in the area.

Buchanan upgraded the infrastructure of the historic building to accommodate public restrooms, laundry, and shower rooms. The scope of work included new sprinkler systems, upgraded water, sewer and electrical services, a seismic moment frame, and a new HVAC system. Buchanan shored up the 8-story historic masonry building while digging out and pouring footings to support additional structural members.