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Fircrest, Villa Kathleen & Evergreen Manor
Sandstone A/B, Allegre Villa & Cambridge
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Housing Home

Sandstone A/B, Allegre Villa & Cambridge

Tenino, Winlock & Centralia, WA

This project involved a comprehensive, phased upgrade of 92 affordable housing units at four sites. New finishes consisted of cabinets, countertops, appliances, floor covering, trim, and electrical and plumbing fixtures. We installed all new electrical, and plumbing systems and updated the fire alarm system. On each site’s exterior, we replaced the roof, windows, doors and siding, and provided landscaping enhancements.

Buchanan committed to and met the 17-unit (average), 30-day schedule. All the materials needed for each phase were ordered in advance, delivered just prior to start, or stored for retrieval as needed. Prior to each phase, we disassembled (and reassembled upon move-in) tenants’ furniture, prepared it for storage, and supervised the packing/moving crew. Each unit was assigned two to five storage pods. We labeled the boxes with the unit and the pod numbers to facilitate the unpacking process for the tenants. Consequently, along with the considerably improved accommodations, and we provided the tenants a move-out/move-in experience that took their concerns in hand.