Taproot’s community theater extension, with its brilliant orange facade, aluminum trim, and industrial styling is a welcome improvement to this vibrant neighborhood business center.

The 12,000 SF multi-use building is constructed of 21 modular units placed around a built-on-site performance space and scene shop. 72 auger cast pilings, designed to compensate for the peat-rich substrate, provide a solid structural foundation. The building footprint, which extended to every property line and a major arterial, generated a need for owner/neighbor dialogue and right-of-way solutions.

The extension houses the theater’s offices, a scene shop, multi-use room for performances and rehearsals, kitchen, cafe and an extensive foundation utilized as storage and crawl space. The performance space and scene shop were built on site once the modules, constructed north of Seattle, were placed by crane and stitched to the foundation.

Over the twelve months prior to start, Buchanan assisted with the predesign phase, including design team development, logistical planning, value engineering, and the project budgeting.

The modern industrial style and color of the annex, along with the open concept cafe, and the beloved Taproot theater troupe make it one of Seattle’s many urban focal points.

  • LEED Silver
  • Constrained Site
  • Commercial Kitchen
  • Shoring/Pile Systems
  • Prevailing Wage
  • Design Build MEP
  • VE Services
  • Preconstruction Services

Taproot Theatre


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